Authentic Sports Nutrition

PVL Authentic Sports Nutrition delivers performance supplements that are engineered based on compelling scientific evidence. Each PVL supplement provides true doses of clinically proven ingredients, which quickly deliver noticeable results! At PVL, we’re experts on the science of performance and that’s why PVL is the brand of choice for consumers that are looking for products that deliver real results, and not just hype.

#1 Choice for Sports Nutrition

PVL supplements are the preferred choice in Canada and in International markets, and for several good reasons. First off, instead of spending the entire marketing budget on a massive advertising campaign, PVL redirects its marketing dollars into product development. Secondly, it's easy to understand how PVL supplements work, which in turn makes it easier for retailers, trainers, coaches and customers to understand the product benefits. Finally, all PVL supplements are made in Canada at our own state-of-the-art, GMP certified manufacturing facility where quality control is of the utmost importance. When it comes to the science of performance, there's no brand that delivers more than PVL Authentic Sports Nutrition!

Real Results take Discipline

PVL is made for the people who work out for a living or live to workout. The gym wasn't just a phase, it is a lifestyle and it is who you are. You know that there are lots of fancy machines and all sorts of trendy workouts. And you also know that if you really want a six-pack or a butt you can bounce quarters off, you need to do the hard work, squats, lunges, and dead-lifts! You need to lift weight until you can't squeeze out even one more rep. You have to do cardio, real cardio, where you sweat and your face turns red. There are no shortcuts. There is discipline, consistency, hard work — and then there are results.

Nutrition and Supplementation

There are no shortcuts but there is good nutrition. Good nutrition is a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of lean protein, high fibre carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. And there are supplements. Supplements help you achieve your results faster, they provide convenience and they give you a competitive edge. We believe that supplements should be made with the same care and focus you put into your workouts. You want to know what's new. You deserve to know how it works, why it works, is it hype or is it real. PVL is formulated to bring the best supplement technology to you.

Premium Formulas

PVL premium formulas like IsoGold, WaterTight and Extravol are made from only the highest quality ingredients. We only add ingredients to the formulas that make sense and will give the desired results. IsoGold Extra Premium Whey Isolate has 6 technologies to deliver the best in isolate science. WaterTight delivers all 8 diuretic technologies in one supplement.

Flavour Technology

You should look forward to your supplements. You work hard and they should be your reward. There is no good reason to choke down terrible tasting products. We have experts make our formulas taste amazing so you can stick to your plan.


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