HMB is designed to assist the body's natural recovery rate. After exercise or sport, muscle tissue is broken down and the body uses protein from non-strained muscles to repair exercised muscles. By minimising muscle breakdown and supplementing with QC1 Whey Protein, your body can recover faster and be ready to exercise, train or perform again.


  • HMB


  • Supports the body's natural recover process

  • Great for contact sports such as rugby

  • Helps muscles recover after being strained or worked hard (gym or sport)

  • Aids the body's ability to minimise muscle or protein breakdown

Customer Profile/Symptoms

  • Playing strenuous sport, such as: rugby, soccer, hockey, netball, athletics

  • Competing in strength events: such as power lifting, sprinting or squats at the gym

Available in

60 capsules


Men: Take 2 capsules after exercise
Women: Take 1 capsule after exercise
Or as directed by your Health Care Professional

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