The Most Powerful Hardcore Fat Burner Available

Decreases Body Fat by an Average of 7.9% More than the Control Group

Increases Norepinephrine by an Average of 40%

Contains LiquiTech Rapid-Release Liquid Micro-Dispersion Technology

When the goal is to get completely diced, everybody can use a little help. This is where Hydroxycut® Hardcore plays a starring role. Team MuscleTech™ researchers definitely went the distance when formulating Hydroxycut Hardcore. This amazing product is backed by over 10 years of research and has been scientifically engineered to get you hardcore results! Hydroxycut Hardcore stands head and shoulders above any other so-called "fat burners" on the market!

Hydroxycut Hardcore utilizes a scientifically engineered multi-platform technology to stimulate the enzymatic response involved in thermogenesis and the fat-uncoupling process. In other words, this one-of-a-kind bodybuilding supplement works through a five-stage process to ensure extremely effective and maximum-strength fat burning.

Here's how it all works:

Hydroxycut Hardcore already has a following of hundreds of thousands and the number is still climbing. You know a fat burner is truly hardcore when so many professional bodybuilders swear by it. Pros such as Jay Cutler, Darrem Charles, David Henry, Gustavo Badell, Johnnie Jackson, and the list continues. They all put their trust in the most powerful hardcore fat burner available, Hydroxycut Hardcore. They know the science that stands behind it and they know first hand that Hydroxycut Hardcore truly works!

Hydroxycut Hardcore was formulated by the brilliant scientific mind of the one and only Dr. Marvin Heuer. In his many years within the medical industry, Dr. Heuer researched and developed many products for several major pharmaceutical companies. But it was always his passion to create the highest quality sports nutrition supplements, and that is exactly what he has done with Hydroxycut Hardcore.

Hydroxycut Hardcore has multiple clinical studies proving the extreme effectiveness of its key components. For example, the first study on the components of Hydroxycut Hardcore was conducted at the University of Laval, and the results were absolutely shocking!

A double-blind placebo-controlled study was conducted where subjects took either the active component or a placebo and the researchers measured the metabolic rate of each subject. When the subjects took the key components in Hydroxycut Hardcore they increased their calorie burning over a 24-hour period! That is absolutely crucial for anyone looking to burn as much fat as humanly possible.

In an additional scientific study, subjects using one of Hydroxycut Hardcore's key components lost up to 15 Kgs in 6 weeks! Even the average weight loss was 4.7 Kgs in 6 weeks with just this one powerful ingredient, and Hydroxycut Hardcore's scientifically advanced formula is packed with over 12 additional ingredients for truly dramatic results.

In another 12 week clinical study, researchers set out to measure the actual changes in bodyfat. A key component in Hydroxycut Hardcore was proven to decrease total fat area by an astounding average of 7.9 percent more than a control group. In fact, subjects using the key component in Hydroxycut Hardcore decreased their total fat area by 26.7 cm2 while the control group only decreased the total fat area of placebo subjects by 6.7 cm2. This was computed using a procedure known in the scientific community as computed tomographic scanning.

As if that wasn't already enough, another clinical study found that the key components in Hydroxycut Hardcore were proven to increase the body's primary fat-burning hormone, norepinephrine (NE), by an incredible average of 40 percent! With all that norepinephrine flowing through your system, you're certain to become a fat-burning inferno!

And all of this is delivered to your system using the amazing LiquiTech™ capsules. These innovative capsules are equiped with a rapid release liquid micro-dispersion technology that allows the Hydroxycut Hardcore formula to get to work immediately after you take a serving.

This all boils down to Hydroxycut Hardcore turning you into the most effective and hardcore fat-burning machine you can be!

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