● World's First 100% Anabolic Compound.
● Zero Negative Androgenic Side Effects.
● Produces Permanent Gains in High-Quality Dense Muscle with Ongoing Training.
● Immediately Stimulates Muscle Growth.

To get big, you must get anabolic. To get absolutely huge, you must get highly anabolic. That's the real secret to getting massive and this is why bodybuilders from beginner to professional are turning to LEUKIC® Hardcore – The World's #1 Selling Anabolic Activator! LEUKIC Hardcore is so shockingly potent that it triggers rock-hard gains fast – and all of this with zero androgenic side effects!

So how is it that LEUKIC Hardcore is able to make bodybuilders anabolic beyond belief? It all boils down to science. LEUKIC Hardcore is designed to stimulate maximum anabolic responses via nutrient signaling as well as by facilitating the body’s training-induced growth hormone (GH) response. In fact, subjects taking a key ingredient in LEUKIC Hardcore increased their GH levels by an incredible 106 percent! As if that wasn’t already enough, test subjects who trained and took the key component in LEUKIC Hardcore forced 350 percent more anabolic signal activation at the muscle fiber level than when taking a placebo. LEUKIC Hardcore literally turns on the anabolic signaling switch within your muscles through a biochemical process called phosphorylation.  This sets the stage for permanent muscle gains with ongoing training.
There's just no telling how big you can get with LEUKIC Hardcore! Why do you think top pros like Johnnie Jackson, Branch Warren, Darrem Charles and David Henry are already using and raving about it? Just ask two-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. "Being anabolic is absolutely vital – it’s life or death for muscle growth," says Jay. “If you let your body fall out of the anabolic state and into the catabolic state it’s game over – you’re not gaining any muscle.  To be the best bodybuilder in the world I have to make sure I’m always anabolic and that’s why I’ll use LEUKIC Hardcore all year.”

As you can see, the buzz over LEUKIC Hardcore is growing in epic proportions, along with the incredible results bodybuilders of all levels are achieving. But don't get caught off guard by inferior copycat products claiming to do what this revolutionary supplement does. LEUKIC Hardcore is infused with a maximum-strength formula that is truly one-of-a-kind. Get anabolic fast with LEUKIC Hardcore and brace yourself for extreme muscle gains!


Right now, your body is in one of three states: an anabolic musclebuilding state, a catabolic muscle-loss state, or a neutral state where your muscle is neither growing nor depleting. As a hardcore bodybuilder in search of building serious muscle, the only state you should be interested in is an anabolic state!

Just ask 2-time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. "You never want to be catabolic," says Jay. "You always want to be anabolic because being in an anabolic state is going to keep you building muscle and training hard! Getting anabolic is the ultimate goal. Because of LEUKIC® Hardcore, I'm the best I've been in my career as I've consistently made muscle gains."

That's because when you're anabolic, your body has no choice but to build lean, dense muscle. And being anabolic also ensures your body stays out of the nasty catabolic, muscle-wasting state. Even the most intense workouts combined with the best diet plan won't accumulate to much if your body isn't in an anabolic state. And what's worse, if you're in a catabolic state you could be losing muscle this very minute! So how do you naturally crank up anabolism in your body for serious muscle growth? The answer is LEUKIC Hardcore – The World's #1 Selling Anabolic Activator!


What is LEUKIC Hardcore?

LEUKIC® Hardcore is the world’s #1 selling anabolic activator and is the first 100 percent anabolic compound. It immediately flips on the body's switch to trigger muscle anabolism and increase Growth Hormone (GH) levels. This puts the body into a musclebuilding state, making it far easier to make gains in quality rock-hard muscle.

Not only does LEUKIC Hardcore trigger anabolic signaling, it simultaneously combats muscle catabolism and protein breakdown, which prevent trainers from making gains - or might cause them to lose much of the muscle they already have!

How is LEUKIC Hardcore different from the original LEUKIC?

A new key ingredient has been infused into LEUKIC Hardcore’s powerful musclebuilding formula to increase training-induced Growth Hormone (GH) levels by an incredible 106 percent after just one pre-workout serving!

Plus, subjects taking the key ingredient in LEUKIC Hardcore were shown to force 350 percent more anabolic signal activation at the muscle fiber level compared to that of a placebo! More anabolic signal activation paves the way for more muscle growth. Expect the best with the World’s #1 Selling Anabolic Activator!

How does LEUKIC Hardcore work?

The revolutionary anabolic booster, LEUKIC® Hardcore, is fully loaded with an extreme 7.32-gram dose of a unique proprietary complex and works immediately to boost anabolism and increase GH levels, right from the very first serving.

Key components of LEUKIC Hardcore are transported into your muscle cells where they have their own nutrient signaling pathway to turn on anabolism. Once inside muscle cells, LEUKIC Hardcore works to activate an important protein synthesis signaling complex. This complex consists of two subunits (A and B), which when bound together are inactive, and no protein synthesis can occur. LEUKIC Hardcore causes the phosphorylation of subunit B. This then causes subunit A to split apart from the complex and become activated. Now free, subunit A is released and can go on to signal protein synthesis, leading to incredible gains in high-quality, dense muscle.

The evidence proving the effectiveness of the key ingredients in LEUKIC Hardcore are published in prestigious American journals. It has been shown that a key component found in LEUKIC Hardcore is effective at increasing a crucial phosphorylation step in skeletal muscle in humans at rest.1

In addition, a key ingredient within LEUKIC Hardcore has been scientifically shown to increase training-induced growth hormone levels by an incredible 106 percent after just one pre-workout serving.2

1. Karlsson et al., Am J Physiology Endocrinol Metab. 207: E1-E7. (2004).
2. Nasser, E., et al., J Int Sociology Sports Nutrition. 4:14. (2007).


DIRECTIONS:  Always read the entire label before use and follow the labeled directions carefully.

Take 1 serving (6 caplets) of LEUKIC® Hardcore immediately before your training on your workout days and first thing in the morning on non-workout days. For extreme results, increase to 2 servings per day. Consume ten 8-oz. glasses of water daily for general good health. Read the entire label before use and follow directions. *This bottle provides a 1-month supply based on 1 serving per day.

For best results, stack with GAKIC® Hardcore and CREAKIC® Hardcore. Patent-pending Nano-Diffuse™ technology is used under permission from Nano Technologies.


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