• Boost your muscle growth.
  • Reach your maximum potential.
  • Beat the competition. Get the advantage with CryoTest.
  • Only for those who want extreme muscles.
  • Fast Results. Clinical trials showing increased testosterone levels in just 3 days.
  • Increase effectiveness of workouts.
  • Backed by Science.

CryoTest, the latest discovery by MuscleTech. CryoTest is the most powerful, legal testosterone enhancing supplement on the market. Not for the weak at heart. Only use CryoTest as directed for the fastest and most extreme results in muscle growth you have ever experienced. Increase your testosterone levels to the maximum humanly possible. Testosterone levels any higher would be superhuman! Directing the testosterone straight to your muscles cells, CryoTest stands above all other supplements at increasing muscle growth.

The most powerful legal testosterone supplement on the market. So powerful, it's hard to believe CryoTest is legal.

Do you have what it takes to take it to the next level? All you need is the drive and CryoTest. CryoTest is they most advanced testosterone supplement that you can get legally. CryoTest's effectiveness lies in the fact that researchers have been able to discover a way to drive anabolically active testosterone directly into the muscle cells. Reach your maximum potential for muscle growth with CryoTest. No other testosterone-amplifying supplement can compare or beat the technological advancement of CryoTest.  CryoTest is so powerful, you will start to see a boost in testosterone in just 3 days! Don't misuse, never exceed the maximum dosage.

Get the CryoTest Advantage

You want extreme muscle growth. You can't do it without Testosterone. It is superior to all hormones in the body at building muscle. What is Mr. Olympia's secret? Increased Testosterone. Increase your testosterone and increase your muscle mass. Bodybuilders rely on testosterone enhancing supplements to give them the edge in competitions. Researchers spend countless hours trying to find new and better ways to increase testosterone to supply this ever demanding market. After extended research MuscleTech has discovered a new and more powerful way to increase testosterone levels to the maximum possible level. No other supplement contains the scientifically researched ingredient combination of CryoTest. No supplement is advanced or as powerful.

Increase testosterone levels! Stand out in the gym. Don't want to get noticed. CryoTest is not for you.

Anabolically Charged CryoTest

Don't just increase your testosterone levels, target your muscles! CryoTest increases the uptake of testosterone into muscle cells.

The key is directing testosterone straight to the muscles. Other testosterone enhancing supplements are ineffective, wasting testosterone throughout the body including the blood stream instead of where you need it, your muscles. And worse these other supplements have harmful side effects. Testosterone winds up converting to other hormones like estrogen instead. No one wants man boobs and much worse can happen. By directly targeting the muscles, CryoTest is more effective and less likely to cause unwanted side effects.

How CryoTest works

Each serving of CryoTest contains a powerful combination of ingredients backed by clinical trials that will boost your testosterone levels sky high. This powerful supplement has been shown to boost ones testosterone levels to maximum physiological levels after just 14 days! But CryoTest does not stop there. CryoTest also contains an important ingredient that will increase your number of androgen receptors within muscles. Muscle cells absorb testosterone through androgen receptors.

The more available the more the muscles can uptake. As a result the testosterone is driven to the muscle cells, creating the world's first formula, anabolically charged formula that boosts and drives testosterone direct into muscle cells. CryoTest is also infused with other muscle building ingredients and a complex shown to increase training-induced GH levels. No other supplement is like CryoTest.

Science Behind CryoTest

Increase Testosterone Levels to the Max

You can't make muscle without testosterone hence the huge market for testosterone-amplifying supplements. No product can match CryoTest. Although the results claimed from taking CryoTest seem too amazing to be true, CryoTest is backed by science and clinical trials. Taking CryoTest is going to push your body to the maximum testosterone physiological levels for the normal range for men. In addition, clinical trials showed testosterone levels reaching maximum potential in just 14 days. CryoTest also inhibited testosterone’s conversion to the unwanted metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) CryoTest's key formula CryoTest guarantees an extreme rate of muscle growth. Without a doubt CryoTest is going to raise your testosterone levels sky high.

CryoTest - The Testosterone Missing Link

For maximum muscle growth, there is more than just increasing your testosterone to consider. What the other supplements are missing. MuscleTech researchers keyed onto an important fact. To truly pack on muscle, testosterone must be driven into muscle cells. Muscle cells pick up testosterone through androgen receptors. Through extensive research MuscleTech scientists discovered a formula that will increase the amount of androgen receptors in the muscle directing testosterone straight to the muscle cells.

With the increase of androgen receptor concentrations within the muscle cells, the large amounts of testosterone CryoTest also delivers will be most effectively used creating an unbelievable conducive environment for extreme muscle growth. Studies show an in just 21 days of the androgen receptors in the muscle cells. If that wasn't enough, MuscleTech threw in a potent GH-potentiating compound into the formula for an added bonus result of increasing your GH levels.

CryoTest - Beyond Testosterone

Maximize your body's natural potential to build muscle mass. Clearly testosterone is a powerful muscle building hormone, but there are other hormones in your body that can be utilized as well in increasing muscle mass. Scientist formulated CryoTest with an important ingredient that has been shown to increase training-induced GH release. Increasing your GH levels will help maximize your workouts. In combination, by releasing testosterone and GH into your blood stream, the CryoTest formula will elevate your training to unprecedented levels, giving you the dominant edge in any gym.

CryoTest Facts

CryoTest is the new revolutionary supplement that has made a huge breakthrough in muscle building research. No other supplement is like it. MuscleTech researchers have created a never before seen formula to boost testosterone, target muscle cells and increase muscle mass to extreme levels. With three key components, CyroTest blows away its competitors. CryoTest includes a powerful new complex that was clinically shown to increase testosterone levels. It also contains what has been clinically shown to increase pre-training androgen receptors, which help amplify the uptake of the anabolic hormone, testosterone. Finally, CryoTest has also been formulated with a potent GH-potentiating ingredient that goes to work after your very first dose!

CryoTest Studies

Multiple human clinical studies have been conducted that prove the effectiveness of the key ingredients included in the CryoTest formula. These results show that CryoTest is, undoubtedly, the most advanced anabolic testosterone-boosting supplement available!

A study was gathered from the University of Connecticut that focused on the unique way active testosterone is driven anabolically directly into muscle cells. In a 21-day human clinical study that was published in a prestigious journal, this powerful compound in CryoTest dramatically increased the number of pre-training androgen receptors compared to a placebo.1

In another groundbreaking study, researchers used a key complex in CryoTest and showed that it significantly increased test subjects’ testosterone levels in just three days! And after just 14 days, test subjects’ testosterone had reached maximum physiological levels!2

And yet another published clinical study on a key ingredient showed that the training-induced GH levels were greatly increased In fact, this ingredient is so advanced, it starts to exert its powerful effects after your very first serving!3

1 Kraemer, W., et al. (2006). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 38(7):1288-1296.

2 Angwafor, Fru and Mark L. Anderson. (2008). An open label, dose response study to determine the effect of a dietary supplement on dihydrotestosterone, testosterone and estradiol levels in healthy males. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 5(1):12.

3 Nassar E, et al. (2007). Effects of a single dose of N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine (Melatonin) and resistance exercise on the growth hormone/IGF-1 axis in young males and females. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 4:14.

CryoTest Ingredients/Supplement Facts

How to take CryoTest

Take your first serving (4 capsules) of CryoTest immediately upon waking, before eating breakfast, with a glass of water. To capitalize on the potency of the CryoTest formula, on training days, take your second serving immediately before your training session. On non-training days, you can take CryoTest any time throughout the day.

To ensure maximum potency and results, use CryoTest for a minimum 21-day cycle with a hardcore diet and training program. Do not exceed 8 capsules in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before using and follow the directions provided.


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