Taken as directed, you absolutely cannont miss with Mitotropin™. Included in the kit is a 52 page manual which clearly lays out a simple yet effective plan to take your physique to the next level and quite possibly the competitive bodybuilding stage. Try Mitotropin™ today and detonate this incredible neutron bomb of a product on your own physique. From the only company with the fire power to deliver it -Gaspari Nutrition.

Mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses responsible for providing energy for physical activity. However, when it comes to fat loss, they have a great potential to transform into a fat burning inferno provided the right set of clinically research ingredients provide the substrates to do so. One extremely effective way to do this is by increasing anion carrier proteins more commonly known as uncoupling proteins (UCP's). These are found within all mammals but can decrease as metabolic rate slows and age progresses.

Fortunately, if you increase their presence within the mitochondria metabolic rate is increased and as a result, fat can begin to melt away. One of the primary ingredients involved in this process is natural seaweed extract called fucoxanthin. It has shown to increase UCP-1 in white adipose tissue which can lead to increased metabolic rate and reduction in visceral fat deposits such as those found in the belly/gut region. Combined with 3,3'diiodothyronine and 3,5 diidothyronine the expression of the carnitine palmitoyl transferase-1 (CPT-1) enzyme turns the fat burning potential of the mitochondria into OVERDRIVE. You'll now the power of Mitotropin™ is in full effect because as your basal metabolic rate increases and unsightly fat is being exploited in a process called thermogenesis, you will feel the furnace working from within.

There is nothing worse than feeling run down while trying to lose weight. Let's face it, dieting can be just gut wrenching because of the hunger pangs and lack of energy from reduced calories. Mitotropin™ contains a powerful combination of mood elevators and appetite suppressants to make losing fat EASY. Among them is Beta-Phenylethylamine (PEA) which is an extraordinary amine with the ability to increase dopamine release. Furthermore, PEA has also shown to regulate catecholamine levels which may quite possibly increase to mobilize stored fatty acids due to increased levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine. Quite simply, you can't burn stored fat if it's not released in the first place.

Another serious issue when dieting is mental fatigue and not having the ability to focus with high degree of mental clarity. Fortunately, Gaspari researchers have solid understanding of ingredients that work backed by strong clinical research. For this reason the addition of tyrosine and huperzine A were included to round out Mitotropin™ ability to limit mental fatigue during the stresses of training and attempting to burn those calories away. Maintaining cognitive integrity can ensure you are in the "zone" whether in the gym, the boardroom, or the classroom.

A lot of hard work, thought, and time went into the design and execution of this unique, amazing product by Gaspari Nutrition so that you don't have to work as hard, think as much about or waste valuable time in your quest to obtain the most shredded physique possible! Mitotropin has the power of and is protected by a United State pending patent (Pub. App. No. 20070190187). It is the only mitochondrial uncoupling agent that is both safe to use in humans and available to use in a sports nutrition product.

Quite obviously, Gaspari Nutrition is recreating and redefining another category yet again in sports nutrition. This seems to happen whenever we "jump in" and offer a sports nutrition product so I am sure none of you are shocked. We expect that Mitotropin will rapidly become the "must have - go to" fat smashing/physique remodeling agent of choice not just for the upper echelon/top 1-2% crowd, but for everyone (and anyone) who demands maximum fat loss in minimum time. For some it can very well be the genetic equalizer they have long sought to bring their physiques to levels never before thought possible.


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