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Stimulant Free Weight Loss System

Since inception, the Cellucor brand has pursued a policy of quality, integrity, and persistent innovation centered around one mission: To deliver the best results possible while simultaneously improving the customer’s quality of life.

Each and every unit undergoes strenuous quality testing to ensure potency, consistency, and most important, safety.

The packaging is not only an extension of premium quality, but a symbol of the brand’s elite status in the supplement industry. We rely on customer’s RESULTS to lead our marketing campaign and science serves as the foundation for our success.

Our vision is to create the most remarkable sports nutrition brand in the world. Our exhaustive approach to research and development and our passion for results is what inspires us to continuously innovate and improve our methodologies, customer support channels, and overall product formulations.

It is our intention to grow the Cellucor brand through the most credible marketing medium known to man, “Word of Mouth.” It is not part of our strategic plan to adopt large advertising campaigns, nor is it our mission to be the most accessible brand at the retail level. Simply put, the Cellucor brand is going to place significance on quality over quantity and grow at the pace of our customer’s praise.

 We formulate supplements to please the toughest critics - elite athletes. Products that make a significant difference in the performance of this tiny population are products that work. At Cellucor, we built our name on developing the most advanced pre-cursor technologies to WOW this tiny population.

Elite athletes demand results. We build formulations to deliver on these demands. Our customers are some of the most discriminating in the industry. They research labels, live on strict nutrition diets, and work harder than most to achieve their performance objectives – BECAUSE RESULTS MATTER!

The elite athlete rarely starts out using Cellucor products for their supplementation needs. More often than not they are frustrated with their current supplement regimen or they have just flat lined with products that just don’t work. They hit the street in search for the next best supplement and stumble upon the Cellucor line; usually through a friend, a fellow athlete, or a personal trainer.

As they learn more, many of them contact our RESULTS team and pound away with questions about the products, their effectiveness, how to stack them, when to take them, and what to expect. They are met with the most knowledgeable support staff in the industry and it gives them the reassurance to give Cellucor a try. So they do… and they experience results that turn heads wherever they go.

Cellucor prides itself in formulating the best products in the current market. By using a completely different model from the rest of the industy, the consumer can be guaranteed of our superior results. Look at the comparison below of how we do things at Cellucor.

How we Formulate Our Products

  1. What are the biggest complaints that we are hearing from consumers in the industry? How can we develop a remarkable product that will blow our BIGGEST fans away?
  2. Talk to our customers and survey the industry…sit down with Research and Development (R&D) and determine product objectives and intentions. Give them direction and let them go…
  3. Take R&D research and begin product formulation – many rounds of iterations to determine the most effective formula (complies with all regulatory restrictions)
  4. Determine product costs and ask ourselves if the value justifies the price we are asking you to pay – if it does, keep going and if not – kill it and move on to the next idea
  5. Test the formulation with different age demographics, geographical regions, and empirical scientific evidence. We know we are on the right track when the test market is calling in yelling, “How do I get my hands on more of this stuff?” If not, return to step 3.
  6. Create packaging that reflects the quality of the formulation
  7. Product launch. Let the product speak for itself…and guarantee it!
  8. RESULTS TEAM – Go to work!
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